“Translating better measurement into better outcomes”

Advanced Metrics Lab (AML) aims to develop and refine outcome measures for healthcare, rehabilitation, and community-based services. The lab’s research focuses on better health outcomes measurement and data visualization so providers and consumers can make better treatment decisions, together.

AML is physically located at GW in Washington, DC but in practice the lab is an active collaboration among numerous researchers led by Dr. Trudy Mallinson, GW and Dr. Christina Papadimitriou, Oakland University.

Dr. Trudy Mallinson, the Director or Advanced Metrics Lab GW, believes clinical assessments should look and operate like rulers so they can be used that way: to measure a single dimension at a time and compare real differences, regardless of who is using the ruler or who they are measuring. Dr. Papadimitriou, Director of Hermeneutic Resources unpacks those aspects of measurement that too often are invisible but which are important to name and describe.

Collectively, the leaders and collaborators of AML value and model interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaborations. These diverse relationships advance the science of outcomes measurement.