Lab Members & Collaborators

Trudy Mallinson, Ph.D., OTR/L, NZROT, FAOTA, FACRM

Associate Professor, Clinical Research and Leadership and Health, Human Function, and Rehabilitation Sciences
Director, Advanced Metrics Lab

Office Phone: 202-994-6833

Research Interests: Relationship-centered assessment, clinician-reported assessments, measuring recovery, graphic presentation of data, relationship-centered shared decision-making

Research Expertise: Application of Rasch Measurement Theory in rehabilitation, designing and refining health outcome assessments, rehabilitation health services research, rehabilitation quality measures.

Dr. Mallinson’s research focuses on developing precise, accurate outcome measures for rehabilitation. Her research interests are outcomes measurement and visualization of data so that clinicians, patients, and caregivers can make better treatment decisions, together. She advocates that clinical assessments should look and operate like rulers, so they can used them that way: to measure a single dimension at a time, compare real patient differences, regardless of who is using the ruler or who they are measuring.

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Christina Papadimitriou, PhD

Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences and Sociology
Oakland University
Director of Hermeneutic Resources, AML


Research Interests: Improve healthcare equity for persons with disability, design peer support interventions, promote relationship-centered healthcare and shared decision making, make visible taken-for-granted assumptions in healthcare interactions, promote disability competence in healthcare teams.

Research Expertise: Reflexive thematic analysis, phenomenological methodology, ethnographic methods, active listening

Dr. Papadimitriou is the Director of Hermeneutic Resource Development. She develops resources that unpack how people make meaning in order to support inclusive and authentic articulation of their experiences. In clinical encounters, misunderstanding is common among those who have been systematically marginalized and who are often not heard. Using an equity-based hermeneutic approach, Christina works with both marginalized and dominant cultures to make invisible positions and experiences visible, and to develop include and collaborative assessments that can lead to greater shared benefits for those involved.

Jennifer Weaver, PhD, OTR/L, CBIS

Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy
Colorado State University


Research Interests: Measuring cognition outcomes, visualizing assessment data

Research Expertise: Rasch measurement theory, knowledge translation,

Dr. Weaver’s research focuses on creating clinically meaningful measurement for patients with a brain injury. She collaborates with multiple stakeholders to apply implementation science strategies with the goal of improving assessment and care planning for adults with chronic cognitive disabilities.

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Alison Cogan, PhD, OTR/L

Health Science Specialist, Center for the Study of Healthcare Innovation, Implementation and Policy
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System


Research Interests: traumatic brain injury, Veterans’ health

Research Expertise: recovery of cognition and daily life activities, mixed methods research

Dr. Cogan’s research addresses how rehabilitation services can be better personalized for specific individuals. Focusing predominantly on rehabilitation outcomes for individuals with traumatic brain injury, her research fills a critical gap in the field by advancing our understanding of the how rehabilitation services can be tailored to promote maximum recovery. Her research also examines the impact of gender on participation outcomes.  

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Trisha Kot (Care Partner)

Trisha has been collaborating with the AML as a care partner investigator for the past 4 years and with Dr. Pape and her lab over the past 15 years. Trisha was a caregiver for her son who was unconscious and lived at home with her for 3.5 years. She is founder and president of a charity to supports families caring for loved one in disordered states of consciousness. She lives in IL and is a mother and grandmother.

Paige Ford (Care Partner)

Paige has been collaborating with the AML as a care partner investigator for the past 4 years and with Dr. Pape and her lab over the past 10 years. She was a caregiver for her son who was unconscious and lived at home with her. She lives in Atlanta where she is a strong advocate for people with brain injury in the medical community in Georgia.

Current Students/Residents/Fellows:

Jasmine Tran (CSU)
Vera Pertsovskaya (GW)
Luke Lindemann (GW)
Samantha Johnson (NRH)
Bint-e Awan Zainab (GW)
Calista Mueller (GW)
Christian Versin (OU)
Sophia Slack (GW)
Izra Abuzahra (OU)
Rua Almaat (OU)
Raneem Sabaaq (OU)

Past Students:

Parie Bhandari (GW)
Ariana Pape (GW)
Chantal Nguyen (GW)
Erica Jacobs (GW)
Elizabeth Elgin (GW)
Andrew Jones (GW)
John Liu (GW)
Matt McHarg (GW)
Charles Shamoun (OU)


Recovery of Function and Person-Centered Measurement Collaborators

Theresa Bender Pape, MA, CCC-SLP, Dr.PH., FACRM
Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Hospital
Northwestern University

Shawneequa Callier, JD, MA
The George Washington University

Marla Clayman, PhD
Bedford Veterans Affairs Hospital

Keith Cole, DPT, PhD
The George Washington University

Leslie Davidson, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA
The George Washington University

Anne Guernon, PhD, SLP
Lewis University

Amy Herrold, PhD
Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Hospital
Northwestern University

Roger Ideishi, JD, OT
The George Washington University

Sandra Kletzel, PhD
Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Hospital

Philip van der Wees, PhD
The George Washington University

Rasch Measurement Collaborators

Namrata Grampurohit
Allen Heinemann
Allan Kozlowski
Cynthia Li
Ann van der Winckel
Craig Velozo

The RECON Systematic Review

Thomas Harrod
Julianne Angel
Elizabeth Burns
Stefani Cleaver
Erika Cooley
Henk Eilander
Ladan Hakima
Angela Hartman
Sarah Hollingsworth
Catherine Kestner
Kelsey Krese
Sophie Leeds
Andre Lindsey
Kristen Maisano
Mary McLoughlin
Jennifer Nebel
Konner Nelson
Berno Overbeek
Marilyn Pacheco
Elizabeth Robinson
Joshua Rosenow
Jessica Rudin
Vanessa Silva
Monica Steiner
Coty Wardwell
Kelsey Watters
Bailey Widener
Haylee Winden

Wright Group

The Wright Group pays homage to the indomitable and indefatigable Dr. Ben Wright who actively modeled interdisciplinary collaboration long before that was a fashionable stance. The Wright Group is a biweekly meeting of anyone interested in application of Rasch Measurement Theory to the development and enhancement of rehabilitation assessments. We invite people to bring their questions, comments, and analyses in WINSTEPS or RUMM for further discussion with the goal to learn Rasch measurement methods. During meetings we actively analyze data, discuss implications, and generally expand our understanding of the use and application of RM Theory. The group is a collaboration across multiple institutions and comes with no cost to the participants. To join the conversation, contact Dr. Namrata Grampurohit at:

Rasch Measurement Theory Resources

Rasch Measurement Transactions

Rasch Measurement Theory Memos

Rasch Forum Discussion Board with Mike Linacre

Institute of Objective Measurement

ACRM Measurement Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (M-ISIG)

RULER: Rasch Reporting Guidelines